1. Competition Details

  • Venue:                     King’s College International School Bangkok, THAILAND
  • Date:                       April 8-11, 2023
  • Registration fee:        US$450/ THB 15,500 (no deduction of overseas bank charges) per team
  • Due date:                 February 28, 2023
  • Category:                 13 and under (Born 2010 or later)
                                       15 and under (Born 2008 or later)
                                       17 and under (Born 2006 or later)  


  • The competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).
  • Technical problems shall be resolved according to the current “FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2022
  • In case of dispute in the interpretation of the rules, the English text shall prevail.


  • ALL players must bring their Identification Card (ID) for Thais or Passport (Foreigners) to every game for Identification purposes.
  • Non-registered player is NOT allowed to play in the tournament.
  • Player must adhere to the age limit based on respective categories.


  • All players/officials are responsible to ensure that their team players & coaching staff meets all the eligibility requirements.
  • If a player is found to be ineligible prior to the start of the tournament, the said player will be barred from the tournament and the rest of the team may continue.
  • If a player is found to be ineligible after the tournament has started, the said player will be barred from the tournament, and the team will be disqualified from all remaining games including games that had been played will be discarded.


  • Each player may participate in one team only in his/her age group.
  • Each team consists of  a maximum of 19 persons (1 team manager, 1 coach. 1 assistant coach, 1 official, 15 players)


  • During the game, the permitted personnel to be allowed at the bench are the head coach, the assistant coach, the substitutes, and a maximum of five (5) team followers with special responsibilities such as a doctor, masseur, statistician and interpreter, etc. 
  • No other person may sit on the team bench.


  • All referees must be approved by BSAT and must be in possession of a valid FIBA or BSAT license.


  • The organizers must receive the entry forms and registration no later than February 28, 2023. 
  • Entries can be submitted by email or hand.

    Correspondence addresses:

    • Thailand:             The Parent Group of Thai Youth Players
                                    431/361 Chalermprakiat Rama 9,
                                    Prawet, Prawet, Bangkok 10250
                                    Tel: +6681 7241100
    • Other Countries:   BSport Management Pte. Ltd.
                                    APT BLK 338C,
                                    Anchorvale Crescent #15-49
                                    Singapore 543338
                                    Tel: +65 8882 7898


  • Technical chairman selected by The Parent Group of Thai Youth Basketball Players and BSport Management Pte. Ltd. will be responsible for the Technical Organization of the tournament.


All games will run with 4 Quarters of 10 minutes each.

  • Starting 5 for Quarter 1 & Quarter 2 must differ with 1 appointed substitute. After half-time, all adjustments will be in the power of the Head Coach.
    Failure in this requirement will result in 2 Technical Free-Throws (per violated player to the opposing team plus position to begin the quarter. The coach of the Opposing team will choose the player from Quarter 1 to fill in Quarter 2.
  • Teams must confirm with table officials on the final 12 players playing for the upcoming match latest 1 hour prior to Game Time. Failure to do so the table official will fill in 12 player list based on the last played match of that team.
  • The Tournament will be played in a round-robin system (Each team must play all the teams in the group).
  • Pool Play Tie Breaker (For the teams that are tied in the standing)

a. In any situation where two (2) teams are tied, head-to-head competition between the teams will determine the winner.

b. If more than two (2) teams tie, a point differential tie-breaker will be applied. The point differentials of the teams involved in the tie are totaled. Teams are then ranked according to the sum of the point differential – with the highest number placing first, the second highest placing second. (The maximum that you can beat a team and still gain an advantage is 15 points.)

c. If two (2) teams are still tied after the application of the formula, go back to (a.) to break the tie.

d. If more than two (2) teams are still tied after the application of the formula, the point differentials of the teams not involved in the tie are added, and the results are recalculated.

e. The score of all forfeits shall be 20 pts.

f. The championship will be determined by the teams with the most total wins.


  • Players’ jerseys must have numbers on both the front and back. Numbers can be from 0 to 99. The minimum size of numbers shall be 2” on the front and 4” on the back.
  • The player shall be penalized by a two (2) technical foul shot for each illegal jersey, to be assessed at the time the player with the illegal jersey enters the game.
  • Dress code:
    All non-uniformed persons on the bench shall wear slacks, shirts with collars and sleeves and minimum covered-toe shoes or dress shoes. Shorts, jeans, sweat pants, athletic wear, tee shirts, hats, and open-toed shoes are not permitted. The dress code applies to female bench personnel as well. Women may wear dresses or skirts appropriate to the occasion. 

     The Dress code applies to the Closing Ceremonies.

  • The team bench follower that violates the dress code will be penalized by a two (2) shot technical foul for each follower violation.

2. Equipment

  • The official game ball to be used in the tournament are Molten GG6X (Girls Category & Boys U13) & GG7X (Boys U15 & U17) Leather Basketballs only.

3. Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

    a. All participating teams shall dress uniformly during the Closing Ceremony.
    b. The “Bench Decorum” rule (E) DOES NOT apply to the Closing Ceremony
    c. Only roster members may participate in the Closing Ceremony.
    d. At least 8 players need to attend the Closing ceremony.

4. Tournament Registration

Upon confirmation of participation from team, the organizers may require a payment not later than February 18, 2023 to secure your spot in the tournament. Your payment slip must be submitted to our email address for clarification & confirmation of the spot.

5. Ejection

   a. Any player recorded on the official score sheet as ejected for fighting or unsportsmanlike by the officials will be prohibited from playing in the next scheduled game.
    b. If a coach or player is ejected from a game, he/she will be placed on probation (unless ejected for fighting).
    c. If a coach or player is ejected a second time, he/she will sit out of that game and the next game.
    d. If a coach or player is ejected a third time, he/she will be suspended from the tournament.

6. Prizes

  • Trophies and medals will be presented to the top 3 placing teams.
  • MVP and Top scorer of the tournament will receive an award from the organizer.

7. Miscellaneous

  • Transportation and accommodation costs are borne by the respective teams.
  • Local transport and hotel booking can be arranged by the organizer at an additional cost.

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